Development Length Calculator

Rebar development length calculator is a web application that supports the design of post-installed rebar in concrete applications by calculating the necessary tension and compression development lengths required in accordance with ACI 318-14 / ACI 318-11.

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A development length is the quantity of the rebar length that is actually required to be enclosed into the concrete to make the desired bond strength between two materials and furthermore to produce required stress in the steel at that area. The development length Ld of a bar is calculated as following Where d = diameter of the bar.

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And for calculating accurate sheet metal developed length you need to accurately calculate sheet metal bending allowance and for bending allowance calculation you need to have accurate K factor value. The procedure discussed in this sheet metal design guide is the simplest way to calculate bend allowance with accepted accuracy. Related Reading

"embedment length". A reinforcing bar must be "embed-ded" or "anchored" a sufficient distance or length in con-crete so the bar will be capable of developing its design strength. The basic premise is the "anchorage length" or "embedment length" must be equal to or greater than the required tension development length of the bar.

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