Condo Mortgage Loan

On the surface, everything looks the same when you apply for a mortgage to purchase a condominium. You get pre-approved for the mortgage.

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Fannie Mae and freddie mac (federal enterprises which set the rules for 30-year, 20-year and 15-year fixed-rate loans) have specific requirements for condo.

What you need to know about Condo Financing Condo mortgage rates are typically a little higher than on single-family homes. It’s a matter of the lender pricing in the risk of community-living structures.

 · How large of a down payment will you need for a mortgage on a condominium? The short answer is 3 percent to 20 percent of your unit’s purchase price, with 10 percent being common for those buyers who must rely on conventional loans to finance their units.

An FHA-approved condo is a property that can be purchased using FHA. Note: The FHA is not a mortgage lender-it insures mortgage loans.

Borrowers run into two problems when getting a mortgage on a condominium: strict standards that make it hard to qualify for a condo loan, and high costs. These issues beset condo buyers who want.

A $4.5 million commitment for a permanent mortgage on a condominium housing project in Florida has been made by the Aetna Life Insurance Company. The loan is said to. be one of the largest yet made.

Buying a condominium is often the choice of people who value convenience. But getting that convenience means you have to put up with a few extra challenges when it comes to qualifying for a condo mortgage. condominium mortgage requirements are more stringent than those for a conventional home loan, and the mortgage rates are generally higher as.

If you want to buy a condominium unit, and you’re not paying cash, this article is for you. If you finance your condominium with a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA or FHA home loan (between them they have 94 percent of the mortgage market), your condominium project must meet the guidelines of the corporation or government agency that backs your loan.

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