Build Card House

To build a house of cards, start by propping 2 cards together in an inverted "V" shape. Repeat this process until you have 3 triangles for the foundation, making sure that each peak is no more than a card’s length away from the next one. Then, carefully balance 2 cards on top of the peaks so they’re lying flat.

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Along with some inspiration, coffee and a good partner you may build your own most amazing cardboard house. Cardboard houses you can buy. And if you are not crafty (and prefer to avoid all the cuts and splinters on your hands), but still would love your kids to play IN and WITH cardboard houses I have good news for you. (affiliate links)

Watch how easy it is to build a card house with Kardtects Building Cards. Each box of Kardtects includes not only the Exclusive and collectible kardtects building cards to enable the building of amazing card houses, card towers, and other card structures, but also the collectible Kardtects Destroyer Disks for knock down fun.

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-Apex : an individual triangle of cards shaped like this – /\ -Storey: a "floor" of cards, a five storey card house has 5 rows of cards on top of eachother -Card: what you use to build the house. I take that you know this already. I reccomend NON GLOSSY regular playing cards.

Grade Level: This popular project is designed to be done at the elementary level, ages 8 and above. academic standards addressed: social studies units on History and People in Societies. Supplies Cost: This project can be done with just copies of the house pattern onto card stock, scissors, and a glue stick. PDF File Contents: A pattern for the paper longhouse, and instructions for assembly.

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