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Elma Lanes Welcomes your Birthday Parties for kids as well as adults.
You supply the Cake & Ice Cream, We'll supply the rest.

We Accept Party Reservations for ALL, Birthday, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Anniversary Parties, Family Get Togethers, You Name it We Do It. . . .
Party Tips, Do's & Don't
-We Welcome Kids, we ask you PLEASE keep an eye on all kids
-All Kids & Anyone walking on Approach (Wooden Area) Needs Bowling Shoes
-Do not allow Kids on the Wooden Approach area unless they are bowling
-1 Kid on approach Per Lane at Any one time
-NEVER let Anyone go Beyond Foul Line for any reason Ever.
-If others are bowling, please be Vigilant to Not allow kids to disturb others.
-We realize some kids can get away, Some kids will decide to bowl on others lanes, eat other customers food, let's try to keep this to a minimum. thx
-Personalized Plates, Cups, & Party Favors & Decorations are welcomed. Otherwise we'll supply Plain Jane PaperWare
-Please do not bring in outside foods/drinks without Henry's Permission

Bowling Ettiquette:
-NEVER go Beyond Foul Line Ever.
- Only 1 Person on Wooden Approach area at a Time
-Please let bowlers on adjacent lanes complete their Shot BEFORE you step onto the Approach.
-While waiting for your Spare Ball to return, Please set Off the Approach.
-Please keep "Body English" Confined to Your Lane.
-Water and Bowling Don't Mix. Keep all food and Beverages OUT of Tiled Settee Area.
-If using Powders/Rosins/etc. Please keep mess confined to you (not a 4x8 foot area of Cloud & Haze)